Our Taxing Authorities Pledge

At Ryan, we recognize the essential role taxes play to fund and support our communities. We have great respect for the people who administer our tax laws, as we share a common goal – helping taxpayers remit only the correct amount due. Therefore, we pledge our commitments to the taxing authorities and personnel with whom we work.

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Value your time

We know you have many competing priorities and your time is valuable. Ryan will work diligently to leverage technology and prepare deliverables that you can review efficiently to avoid delays, misunderstandings, and disruptions to the process.

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Only pursue legally appropriate claims

We believe our clients should pay the tax they owe, but no more. Our obligation is to seek what we ethically believe is the correct legal outcome for our clients. We will not take positions or file claims that are not supported by law.

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Accessible and responsive

You deserve our prompt attention. Our teams are organized to ensure we have proper coverage at all times. Phone calls and emails will be returned as soon as possible, but not less than daily. We will respond quickly to your requests for information necessary to complete your reviews.

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Respectful and courteous

We will demonstrate our respect for you and your role through our professional and courteous interactions.

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The tax landscape is constantly evolving. We will come to the table with an open mind to address new tax challenges. Working together, we can strengthen the tax systems, businesses, and economies we serve.

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Professionally resolve disagreements

It’s to be expected that we will occasionally debate issues and challenge rulings to seek the correct outcome for our clients. Even when we disagree, we will uphold our values and this pledge. No matter the outcome, we will be professional and courteous.

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Seek feedback

This pledge is only as good as our actions that stand behind it. In the event you have any questions or concerns about our adherence to this pledge, we will always welcome your feedback. A survey is available 24/7 at rateryan.com for you to share your thoughts.

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