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Ryan is recognized as having one of the largest and most proficient Abandoned and Unclaimed Property (AUP) practices in North America. Our Search & Location team consists of business professionals with decades of industry experience. Ryan performs Search & Location services on behalf of many of the world’s most well-known and admired companies.

If you received correspondence from us, please follow the instructions outlined in the letter, or click the button below if you have additional questions.

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Ryan's Search & Location Program

Ryan’s Search & Location team’s main goal is to reunite owners with dormant assets. All outreach programs are time sensitive. If you are interested in Ryan’s assistance, we encourage you to contact us immediately.


  • Who is Ryan?

    Ryan is an award-winning global tax services firm, with the largest indirect and property tax practices in North America; one of the largest AUP practices in the United States; the only end-to-end, fully integrated AUP service offering in the industry; and the seventh largest corporate tax practice in the United States. With global headquarters in Dallas, Texas, the Firm provides a comprehensive range of state, local, federal, and international tax advisory and consulting services on a multijurisdictional basis, including audit defense, tax recovery, credits and incentives, tax process improvement and automation, tax appeals, tax compliance, and strategic planning. Ryan's multidisciplinary team of more than 3,000 professionals and associates serves over 18,000 clients in more than 60 countries, including many of the world's most prominent Global 5000 companies.

  • What is Search & Location Services?

    Ryan’s Search & Location services are designed to help our clients reunite owners with dormant assets. We are the leading provider of search and location services for lost account owners in the unclaimed property industry. Our services are retained by financial institutions, companies, mutual funds and insurance firms to locate their dormant account owners and offer assistance in the reunification process.

  • Is this an attempt to collect a debt?

    Ryan is not a debt collector. If Ryan has contacted you, it is because you may be entitled to assets that are considered dormant. We assist numerous companies in locating rightful owners of assets that have been classified as dormant.

  • Why is Ryan contacting me?

    Our records show that you may be the owner of a dormant asset. There are many factors that may have contributed to your asset becoming dormant, such as an incorrect mailing address with the Postal Service or inactivity on your account.

  • How can I own an asset and not know about it?

    There are a number of ways in which contact with an owner may be lost; heirs may have not received proper notification of their inheritance, a change of address may not have been completed, a postal forwarding order may have expired, or an owner's name was changed due to a marriage or divorce. Regardless of the reason, our mission at Ryan is to help rightful owners claim the assets they are due.

  • Who can I speak with?

    Key Contacts

    Lee Rothman
    Director, Search and Location



    Kevin Hartman
    Senior Manager, Asset Recovery

    Monica Reyes
    Senior Analyst, Asset Recovery