Ryan and SAP Concur Partnership

Simplifying Business Tax Compliance and Reclaim

Managing indirect tax compliance is challenging and time-consuming. Worldwide, there are varying reporting obligations and requirements in each country that businesses need to meet, along with complex filing processes and calculations to perform.

Business expense management is an area of indirect tax that commands careful attention to ensure travel policy compliance. This is where the partnership between Ryan and SAP Concur comes into play to streamline the VAT reclaim process for business.

The Benefits of the Ryan and SAP Concur Partnership

The robust integration between Ryan and Concur Expense allows your business expenses data to automatically import from Concur Expense into Ryan’s tax compliance software seamlessly and securely. This data is consolidated into a centralised solution, which eliminates the need for your organisation to manually transfer and manipulate the data file and results in:  

Explore New Tax Credits and Incentives:
Increase Team Efficiency with Automated Data Uploads
Insightful Analytics and Actionable Reporting:
Improve Accuracy of Information, with Human Error Minimised
Streamlined Workflow and Compliance Management:
Reduce VAT Compliance Risk, Wherever You Do Business

In addition to supporting with VAT compliance, reclaim, and recovery, Ryan offers a complete suite of tax services internationally to SAP Concur customers to support your global tax needs:

Explore New Tax Credits and Incentives:
Indirect/Transaction Tax Consulting, Compliance, Audit Support, and Recovery:

With more than 200+ countries collecting indirect taxes, partnering with a specialist that understands the local nuances is critical for your business. Ryan’s global teams across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia ensure our clients are compliant and efficient in their tax process, whilst enjoying improved profitability and greater cash flow.

Insightful Analytics and Actionable Reporting:
International, Federal, and State Income Tax Consulting, Compliance, Audit Support, and Recovery:

Our Federal Income Tax (FIT) professionals minimise corporate tax risk, cash tax, and effective tax rate by using Concur Expense data to perform reviews of FIT to ensure savings are maximised.

Streamlined Workflow and Compliance Management:
Innovation Funding and Tax Relief:

Ryan’s team of specialists supports businesses with a diverse range of innovation funding services, including government grants, research and development (R&D) tax relief, capital allowances, the Patent Box, and land remediation relief.

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Case Study: Medical Manufacturing Company

Our client, a medical manufacturing company, engaged Ryan to support with its tax reclaim.

As part of the onboarding process, our experts conducted a technical analysis to understand the client, the invoice types, and their output supplies. During this, we discovered that many of the legally required documents were incorrect, so we took the following steps on behalf of our client:

  • Reached out to the parties involved to inform them of the legal requirements
  • Worked with these parties to ensure new documents were produced that met tax authority requirements
  • Collaborated with our VAT compliance and consulting team to ensure our client better understood the European VAT rules

Our tax professionals successfully submitted the company’s claim within the very tight confines of the deadline set by the tax authorities. 

Client feedback:

“[Our consultant] Zuzana’s tenacious drive to provide an auspicious level of quality service to clients is why I continue to work with Ryan. The service was nothing less than extraordinary!”

We have been very impressed with Ryan's VAT recovery experience and skills.
Andrew Davis, Head of VAT British American Tobacco
The knowledge and guidance the Ryan team provided were excellent. We would not have been able to process our claim as smoothly or effectively without them.
Dr Robert Daniels Capital Allowances client