Exploring Tax Determination Challenges in Latin America – Episode 1: Implementing Tax Determination Solutions in Brazil

Exploring Tax Determination Challenges in Latin America – Episode 1Implementing tax determination solutions in Latin America comes with many challenges. In this podcast series, our Tax Technology experts discuss key elements and best practices to consider for success when embarking on projects in Brazil, Argentina, and other Latin American countries.

In Episode 1, hear from Tax Technology specialists at Ryan as they discuss the challenges surrounding the deployment of tax determination solutions in Brazil and how best to overcome them.

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • Key elements businesses need to think about when embarking on a Brazil project
  • The importance of good requirements gathering
  • Why master data is so important in Brazil
  • Common challenges faced when deploying a solution in Brazil

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Jun Miyake
Principal, Tax Technology
+44 20 7257 8516

Alayna Riis
Senior Manager, Tax Technology
+1 720 524 0022

Louise Mazini
Senior Project Manager, Tax Technology
+55 11 94540 0392

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