Ryan and Vertex Talk Tax: Partnership Update – What’s New?

Ryan and Vertex Talk Tax: Partnership Update – What’s New?

Hear from leaders at Ryan and Vertex as they discuss the enhanced service offerings now available to global clients through their unique partnership as a result of the recent acquisition of Taxamo by Vertex.

Key topics covered in this short podcast include:

  • Ryan and Vertex’s partnership - enabling clients to more efficiently and effectively manage their global VAT determination
  • The reasons and benefits behind Vertex’s acquisition of Taxamo
  • Vertex’s new and expanded service offerings and the challenges they can solve
  • The value-add to Ryan’s existing and future clients in helping to transform their tax functions

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If you have any questions about this topic, please reach out to Ryan and Vertex experts.

Jun Miyake
Principal, Tax Technology
+44 (0) 797 094 1101

Paul Guyer
General Manager, Europe
+44 (0) 771 081 8345

Dermot O’Shea
Chief Commercial Officer
Taxamo, A Vertex Company
+353 872 416 794