Incentives are another integral part of the business environment with the goal of promoting growth and strengthening a company’s presence in a geographic region. Discretionary incentives are generally negotiated with economic development officials in advance of the public announcement of a project. These incentives can include both tax benefits (e.g., credits, abatements, and exemptions) and non-tax benefits (e.g., grants, loans, and streamlined permitting). 

Examples of Incentives

 Cash grants
 Forgivable loans
 Impact and permit fee waivers
 Income/franchise credits and exemptions
 Industrial revenue/development bonds
 Infrastructure assistance
 Land grants or cost reduction
 Low-interest loans
 Payment in lieu of tax agreements
 Payroll tax credits and rebates
 Real and personal property tax exemptions, abatements, and rebates
 Sales tax exemptions and refunds
 Tax increment financing
 Training grants
 Utility rate reductions

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