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With years of experience and hundreds of valuations behind us, the experts at Ryan Business Valuation have an intimate understanding of the laws, rules, and regulations that can impact the value of your assets. We provide a thorough analysis of your holdings, keeping in mind the fluctuations that can affect their value. Click below for more information on our offerings and what you need to know to get started.

409A Valuation

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We are the top provider of 409A valuation reports in the country for good reason. Other providers may be too expensive, on one end of the spectrum, or too cheap and not truly compliant. For 409A valuation reports, we are the perfect combination of quality at a great value.

  • What Is IRC 409A?

    IRC 409A valuation became part of the tax code in January 2005. It broadly applies to deferred compensation and, for companies issuing standard employee stock options, an option grant creates compliance needs. It’s best to have a qualified third-party perform the valuation.

  • Taxable Events

    To avoid creating a taxable event for employees at the time of grant, nonqualified stock options must be issued at fair market value (FMV). A valuation should be performed by an independent appraiser to provide a valuation report to determine FMV.

  • Needed Information

    The information and documents required to perform an analysis are generally readily available with some minor exceptions that are easily prepared. This typically includes company background, company ownership, and financial information.

  • Timeframe and Cost

    First draft of the reports are normally available within ten business days from receipt of the needed information. As the top provider of this service, our standard prices are reasonable for the highest quality valuation and report.


Transferring assets? You’ll need an estate planning valuation. We follow best practices and are an ideal provider of valuation services as you transfer assets.

  • Expertise Required

    Individuals are wise to engage highly competent, focused counsel and advisors to help them navigate an area that requires significant subject matter expertise.

  • Know Latest Developments

    Case law evolves in the area of valuation of closely held businesses and a valuation firm must stay abreast of latest developments to provide the best service for their clients. Our team stays current on the latest changes.

  • Use of Discounts

    Appraisers must utilize best practices for discounts for lack of marketability and discounts for lack of control. Our valuations follow best practices and are supportable.

  • Optimization for Taxes

    Sophisticated structuring is often the best way to optimize for taxes in a cost-effective way, but it requires advisors who know what they are doing and follow Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) guidelines.


Tax reporting valuations are a critical component of any effective tax planning strategy. Learn more about the tax valuations offered at Ryan.

  • Restricted Stock at Grant or Vesting

    If you’re filing an 83(b) election, then you understand the need to determine the fair market value of the property for the election. We’re experienced with this and can make sure that the fair market value is calculated using accepted American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) guidelines.

  • Revenue Procedures

    93-27 AND 2001-43
    Our professionals have deep experience managing private equity-backed companies and have worked in venture capital and investment banking. We have the experience to ensure your needs are met smoothly and accurately.

  • Corporate Structure Conversions

    Whether your business is an LLC, corporation, or something else, each business has its own set of restrictions and opportunities. The Economics Partners at Ryan experts know the nuances and can help in the process of converting your business.

  • Spin-out of Assets

    Focus lends itself to higher quality. Although we have experience in investment banking and accounting, valuation is what we do better than anyone else. We navigate the process of spinouts for you to ensure it’s done right.

  • Corporate Acquisition

    IRC 338(G) OR 338(H)(10)
    Economics Partners at Ryan helps companies improve their odds of successful corporate acquisitions through an integrated, battle-tested approach. We navigate requirements for you to make the process smooth, including IRC 338(g) and 38(h)(10).

  • Corporate Liquidations

    IRC 331
    You need to know the ins and outs of what’s required during a corporate liquidation. Knowing what to file, the critical issues, and how to handle the intangible and tangible assets can be difficult and time-consuming. We have experience through all stages of corporate liquidations.

  • Worthless Stock or Casualty Losses

    IRC 165
    As part of your tax strategy, keep in mind the key issues of whether a loss has been sustained by sale or worthlessness and whether the loss will be ordinary; then analyze its effects on next year’s taxes. Our expert analysts make this process easier.

  • Golden Parachute Analysis

    You want to structure your company’s compensation plans to minimize 280G risk. Avoid surprises by talking with our expert advisors. We’ll ensure that you plan ahead properly, review your agreements, and measure what peer companies are doing.

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