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With ever-increasing pressures and a constantly changing tax landscape, many companies are shifting their focus to actively monitor the pricing of material intercompany transactions. We are routinely called upon by taxpayers, tax authorities, and other parties to assist as expert witnesses in tax litigation and bankruptcy litigation. We negotiate with governments on behalf of our clients to ensure the most favorable outcomes.

Since 2011, our position as industry thought leaders means we’re sought after by large law firms to assist them and their clients in managing some of the largest transfer pricing controversies.

We have deep experience and provide extensive thought leadership in the field of tax-related valuation. Our services include tax-restructuring related legal entity valuation and post-acquisition valuation of legal entities and intangible assets for 1060A, post-acquisition buy-ins, and/or general IP migration purposes. No matter your need, consider us the right partner to find a solution.

Who Is Economics Partners at Ryan?

Who We Are

We provide partner-driven finance and economics services to large corporate tax departments. We are recognized by corporate clients, lawyers, and tax authorities for offering real value, differentiated thought leadership, and practical solutions to complex problems. As thought leaders in the areas of tax valuation and transfer pricing, we specialize in:

 Application of microeconomics and financial analysis to tax, financial reporting, and strategic matters
 Designing transfer pricing structures, valuating intangible property, and pricing complex assets in various contexts
 Valuation of businesses, business interests, and both physical and intangible business assets for tax, financial reporting, and strategic purposes
 Expert witness testimony in transfer pricing controversy matters

What to Expect as a Client of Economics Partners at Ryan

Creative Problem Solving

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Our clients’ testimonials are evidence of our creativity in problem solving. Our valuation models are transparently available to our clients, allowing us to work jointly with them on many of their most important valuation and transfer pricing matters.

Customized Valuation Models

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We maintain a staff that includes some of the best professionals in the industry. We develop mathematical models and spreadsheet models to characterize and draw insights related to complex transfer pricing, general valuation, and IP valuation problems. We make our core models available to our clients.

Exclusive Access to White Papers

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Our research is extensive on topics, such as debt versus equity characterization, risk pricing, borrower rating and debt pricing, the economic life of intangible assets, goodwill, investor model framework, observed royalty rates, profit splits, and many other topics. Given the sensitive nature of this work, we can offer these to our clients on request.

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Ryan is focused on your overall tax performance, providing innovative solutions to the underlying causes of the errors we identify and creating greater opportunities to measure and improve your efficiency, develop a more strategic approach to tax, and deliver outstanding value to your shareholders.