Tax Valuation

Tax valuation is a key offering of Economics Partners at Ryan. Distinctly, we believe we take a more thorough and holistic approach to tax valuation matters than a typical accounting or valuation firm.

We have deep experience and provide extensive thought leadership in the field of tax-related valuation. Our services include tax restructuring-related legal entity valuation, post-acquisition valuation of legal entities and intangible assets for 1060A, post-acquisition buy-ins, and/or general IP migration purposes.

Advising the World’s Biggest Economic Movers

Economics Partners at Ryan has performed valuation analyses in support of global restructurings undertaken by several clients, which necessitated the derivation of the fair market value of shares for the vast majority of their non-U.S.-based legal entities. For each of these engagements, we valued hundreds of legal entities with combined net worths in excess of billions of dollars in an efficient and reliable manner. Our clients were supported through interrogations regarding the valuations from auditors to tax authorities.

Who Is Economics Partners at Ryan?

Economics Partners at Ryan provides partner-driven finance and economics services to large corporate tax departments. As thought leaders in the areas of tax valuation and transfer pricing, we are recognized by corporate clients, lawyers, and tax authorities as offering real value, differentiated thought leadership, and practice advances. We specialize in:

 Application of microeconomics and financial analysis to tax, financial reporting, and strategic matters
 Designing transfer pricing structures, valuating intangible property, and pricing complex assets in various contexts
 Valuation of businesses, business interests, and both physical and intangible business assets for tax, financial reporting, and strategic purposes
 Expert witness testimony in transfer pricing controversy matters
 Advising taxpayers, governments, boards of directors, strategic and financial investors, management teams of publicly traded companies, and entrepreneurs of both established and high-growth companies
 Developing and negotiating solutions to complex tax-related, financial reporting, and strategic matters

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Ryan's Federal team is wonderful to work with, very professional and communicative.
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Ryan is focused on your overall tax performance, providing innovative solutions to the underlying causes of the errors we identify and creating greater opportunities to measure and improve your efficiency, develop a more strategic approach to tax, and deliver outstanding value to your shareholders.