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When it comes to commercial property tax, the taxing landscape is constantly evolving. Keeping up with tax code reform, changing deadlines, and complex appeals processes can be a challenge. It pays to stay in the know about what is happening in the world of property tax.

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Marijuana Tax Liabilities

Indirect taxes, including sales, excise, property, and employment taxes, have not received the same level of attention but are heavily scrutinized by the taxing authorities. There are some key questions to ask when formulating best practices for indirect tax issues in the cannabis industry.


Data Centers

Ryan's Property Tax experts share insights on the challenges facing data center owners and best approaches to consider when handling a proposed assessment.



Ryan’s Property Tax Newsletter provides you with the latest in property tax developments, appeal deadlines by region, and access to a variety of valuable resources to help you minimize your tax liabilities.



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Prop 13 Developments

A change in elected officials, changes to tax legislation, and increased demand for improved infrastructure are all events that could significantly impact those who own commercial real estate in California. The experts at Ryan are continually monitoring the potential effects and communicating the latest insights.


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