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Colorado: How Will the Denver Mill Levy Increase Impact Property Owners?

Tax Development Dec 20, 2022

Colorado City View: How Will the Denver Mill Levy Increase Impact Property Owners?

Voters approved an increase of 1.5 mills to the property tax rate last month to provide additional funds for the Denver Public Library. This will increase state revenue by $36 million in 2023.

This increase was not the only increase seen in the new 2022 Denver County mill levy, as the unofficial base mill levy increased from 74.618 up to 79.525. This new base mill levy is a 6.58% increase over 2021. Many property owners were anticipating and budgeting for a smaller increase of around 1.5%.

The local experts at Ryan will continue to monitor what this increase means to taxpayers, and we are available to answer questions. If you are impacted by this increase and need assistance, please visit our Colorado website to learn more about how our experts can assist.

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