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Offered by Ryan, Incentify’s cutting-edge SaaS technology is designed to help your business maximize the value of tax credits and incentives (C&I) opportunities, capture the large number of available C&I opportunities missed each year, and streamline C&I portfolio management and reporting. Incentify is the ideal solution for organizations that understand the value of C&I but lack the resources to fully implement a proper platform.

Incentify’s platform is specifically designed to provide the complexity and power required to meet the needs of any organization, regardless of size or industry. The seamless marriage of Ryan’s global tax expertise and Incentify’s technological power promises to transform your C&I capabilities without the need for additional responsibilities or staffing requirements.


New C&I Opportunities
New C&I Opportunities
Discover new C&I and site selection opportunities, resulting in a positive financial impact that can help enable and drive strategic business goals.
Analytics and Reporting
Analytics and Reporting
Gain executive visibility for strategic decision making through real-time reporting and analysis.
Workflow and Compliance
Workflow and Compliance
Create the critical system of record by centralizing all documentation to better manage a company’s entire C&I portfolio as well as streamline compliance requirements and audit responses.
Develop standard workflows and compliance to eliminate clawback, while increasing efficiency.
Internal and external teams can more efficiently and effectively work together to maximize a company’s C&I opportunities and manage its portfolio.


Strategic Value

Only 7% of CFOs Know the Total Value of Their C&I Portfolio
This represents both a blind spot into a major strategic asset as well as the resulting gap in realized financial impact. C&I should be enabling and driving significant business goals: new capital expenditure, hiring, R&D, and meeting the needs of shareholders and customers alike; however, a majority of senior leaders have no visibility into C&I.


Tax C&I Assets Have Significant Compliance Requirements
C&I assets are cross-departmental, take multiple years to ripen, and hinge on repeated mandatory documentation of various stipulations. Yet C&I compliance is often a non-dedicated job function consisting of setting Excel/Outlook reminders, sorting through forgotten legal boxes, and managing a multitude of requirements.

Audit Response

Audits Are a Regular Part of C&I
Correctly responding to the audit often means gathering documents and information from multiple departments covering multiple years. Additionally, it can mean reaching out to advisors, both current and former. And it means doing all of it under a great deal of scrutiny both from the issuing agency as well as from suddenly interested internal parties.

Adding New C&I

Find C&I Now
One of the most common problems in C&I, particularly in those organizations with new or more ad-hoc C&I initiatives, is a failure in finding C&I. Organizations are either ill equipped to find suitable C&I for their goals or have failed to equip corporate development, real estate, and financial planning and analysis (FP&A) teams with the tools they need to incorporate potential C&I into budgeting as it occurs.

Data Digitization

A Major Vulnerability
As the third wave of data digitization moves along, unfortunately, C&I has been left in analog form in a vast majority of organizations. If you understand the vital importance of data digitization, you understand why this would be a problem for any asset, particularly for one with the complexity of C&I.

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