Complex Property Tax Services

Proven planning strategies, incisive valuation analyses, and results-oriented complex property tax appeal representation and support are key elements of the property tax management and consultation services we provide—especially in industries with unique and complex properties. The subject-matter experts in Ryan’s Complex Property Tax practice are comprised of appraisers, attorneys, MBAs, engineers, economists, former assessors, and other on-staff experts who are dedicated to helping clients in the manufacturing, energy, telecom, and transportation industries.

Ryan’s experienced professionals help you manage all elements of the complex property tax process, while working with you to ensure your company is doing everything it can to reduce its complex property tax bills. Understanding and applying industry metrics and trends are essential to managing the burden of complex property taxes. We know the highly volatile and ever-changing market demands faced by your specialized industry as well as any changes in tax law as a result of tax reform.

Our team provides a comprehensive program specifically directed toward addressing unique complex property tax challenges backed by a proven history of delivering improved profitability to companies in your industry.

Property Tax Services Provided

 Identification of Nontaxable Costs

Minimize your complex property tax liabilities with expert reviews of your fixed asset records to analyze software, overhead allocations, intangibles, and other costs to help determine what is subject to taxation, based on each jurisdiction’s tax laws and rules.

 Examination of Asset Capitalization

This service is particularly important to determine the taxability for costs related to asset rebuilds, overhauls, upgrades, and other unique circumstances.

 Identification of Idle and Underutilized Assets

Our team will implement strategies to document and properly value idle or underutilized assets to ensure fair and equitable values in all industries.

 Economic/Functional Life and Residual Valuation

Working with your facility and operations personnel to document supportable and realistic asset depreciation lives, we support your ability to recognize the influence on value from issues related to technology and business conditions in your industry.

 Income Analysis

For applicable industries, we analyze all elements of “unit” or other income-based valuation models used in the assessment of your property. This includes application of the appropriate cost of capital principles and income stream to be capitalized for your taxable asset base.

 Business Personal Property Services

Our experts implement strategic processes to save clients’ money through fixed asset modeling, market value appeals, inventory, and economic obsolescence.

 Representation Throughout the Process

Advisory services will guide your professionals through each stage of the informal and board-level property tax appeals process to ensure all appropriate issues and factors have been fully analyzed, considered, and presented. We can also provide assistance to your legal counsel with complex property tax-related litigation.

 Valuation Analysis

Deploying a comprehensive approach that fully addresses each element of the assessment valuation process, we will uncover all relevant factors as we execute a thorough review and application of the cost, market, and income approaches to value.

 Obsolescence Analysis

Through the application of proven methods to accurately identify, measure, and document all forms of obsolescence (physical, functional, and external), we’ll ensure that loss in value from all sources is fully reflected in your assessed valuations.

 Comprehensive, Industry-Specialized Services to Support Clients Throughout the Property Tax Cycle

Preparing proactive, thoughtful personal property returns is an important first step. Our on-staff engineers work with your facility personnel to take advantage of pollution control equipment exemptions many states allow. Our cost of capital studies reflect current financial market conditions that should be considered in the valuation process. Our professionals’ ability to identify and document all forms of obsolescence is used to ensure appropriate adjustments are made to the assessed valuations of your complex property.

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