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Business personal property taxes represent one of the largest areas of tax exposure and risk for companies. Current economic and market factors, as well as valuation errors of machinery and equipment, can often lead to overpayment. Most jurisdictions use a mass appraisal approach to value, but this approach does not take into consideration all the factors necessary to arrive at a fair market value. The experts at Ryan understand that personal property is unique and varies by company and industry. Our experts implement strategic processes to save clients money through the following methods:

Fixed Asset Modeling

Ryan’s Fixed Asset Modeling (FAM) service delivers a cost-effective statistical model in a centralized source to uncover hidden tax liabilities, typically resulting in personal property tax savings of 10–20%.

Market Value Appeals

Ryan utilizes current market-based comparable data to demonstrate that the actual taxable market value of a company’s assets is lower than the incomplete valuation of the local jurisdiction.


Ryan uses industry-specific research that considers the di­fferent market and accounting adjustments that are applicable to arriving at the proper value of a company’s inventory.

Economic Obsolescence

Ryan o­ffers our clients an annual economic obsolescence analysis that dives into the macroeconomics of the industries we serve.

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Ryan’s Business Personal Property Tax Experts

Ryan’s business personal property tax experts are uniquely positioned to help organizations understand the complexities of multiple tax jurisdictions and their different approaches to valuing and assessing all property types.

Richard Fosburg

Principal and Vice Practice Leader

As the Vice Practice Leader for Property Tax Compliance at Ryan, Rich has overseen the growth of the nation’s largest (and oldest) property tax compliance practice and has been instrumental in the development and implementation of enhanced processes such as bill pay and valuation appeals. With more than 30 years of expertise in property tax, Rich is highly experienced and effectively manages all aspects of personal property taxes and delivers the highest levels of client service.

Brad Gorski


Brad has more than 30 years of experience providing real and personal property services for complex consulting and compliance engagements. Prior to an acquisition by Ryan in July of 2022, Brad served as the Chief Operating Officer and Personal Property Practice Leader for a national property tax management services firm.

Teresa Sharp


As a Principal in Ryan’s Property Tax Compliance practice, Teresa specializes in multistate jurisdictional personal property compliance and appeals. Her team serves a variety of property tax clients in the leasing, manufacturing, restaurant, retail, and telecommunications industries from our Houston, Texas office. Teresa has complete oversight of the Strategic Asset Review (STAR) team and leverages more than 25 years of proven experience in personal property value analyses, equity of assessment reviews, audit defense, and property tax accrual and budgeting management. Affiliated with the Institute for Professionals in Taxation, Teresa holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Colorado Mesa University.

Scott Tyler


With extensive experience in real and personal property tax, Scott helps craft strategic tax reduction plans that suit clients’ needs. Scott has three decades of property tax experience and leads the Strategic Asset Review (STAR) team, which provides consulting services for fixed asset modeling, market value appeals for fixed assets, and inventory.

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