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Currently, Kent, New Castle, and Sussex counties are undergoing complete revaluations of properties. This initiative was triggered by a State Supreme Court order that directed New Castle County to reassess properties following a lawsuit filed by the City of Wilmington School District. The lawsuit raised concerns about uniformity and underassessment issues in property assessments. Throughout this revaluation process, some incorporated towns have conducted reassessments independently, leading to instances where parcels have two distinct assessors, collectors, and property values.

Current guidance on New Castle County’s revaluation has the third-party contractor, Tyler Technologies, mailing new value notices for summer 2024 and informal meeting notices for fall/winter 2024, with new values in place for the 2025 tax year.

Based on State House Bill 62 approved in August of 2023, all three counties will now be held to five-year revaluation cycles. The bill amends Title 9 of the Delaware Code on real property assessment and states that the five-year revaluation cycle will begin upon the completion date of the current countywide revaluations.

It is essential for property owners to ensure the accuracy of their tax bills in Delaware. The local experts at Ryan have both the deep local expertise and national presence to handle diverse portfolios seamlessly for clients in all industries across Delaware and the country.

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Delaware Property Tax Deadlines

Below are the local Delaware local tax deadlines. If you are interested in property tax deadlines for other states, please view our U.S. Property Tax Calendar.


Lien Date

January 1
Real Property Information

Assessment Notice Issue Date

January 1

Appeal Deadline

January 31, March 15 and April 1; varies by jurisdiction. Kent County, DE just reassessed for 2024, and the appeal deadline there is March 15.
Real Estate Tax Bill Payment Information

Tax Bills Issued

July 1

Single Payment Due (Delinquent Date)

September 30

First Installment Due (Delinquent Date)

September 30
Personal Property Information
Personal property is not taxable in Delaware.

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Jeff Iannuzzi
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Ryan’s Delaware Property Tax Experts

Ryan’s property tax experts in Delaware are uniquely positioned to help organizations understand the complexities of multiple tax jurisdictions and their different approaches to valuing and assessing all property types.

Cutchin Powell


Cutchin brings several decades of experience in the valuation of all types of commercial real estate and business personal property throughout the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. He specializes in providing real and personal property, transfer and recordation, exemption and abatement, and transaction tax consulting services. Cutchin’s focus is comprehensive throughout the lifecycle of the asset (beginning with diligence, spanning acquisition or development, and continuing through disposition) and via a comprehensive array of services.

As the leader of Ryan’s national Acquisition Price Allocation and Intangible Valuation team within the Commercial Real Estate practice, Cutchin has specific experience and expertise with “going-concern” properties, such as hospitality and resort, entertainment, banking, data center, food service, retail, healthcare, assisted living, medical, and others. He specifically assists clients with due diligence, ownership/management, and disposition valuation and tax consulting, helping them memorialize buyer and seller agreements to gross price as well as itemized prices for land, improvements, tangible personal property, and intangible property.

Kurt Lieberman


As a principal and tax expert in Ryan’s Philadelphia office, Kurt’s market-centric focus includes actively managing more than 30 local market accounts and more than 780 properties. Throughout Kurt’s career, he has consistently generated quarterly and annual savings for clients in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania portions of the Northeast region, while assisting with Maryland, New York, and Virginia client accounts and property reviews. Kurt currently oversees the Philadelphia office for all property tax needs in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Jeff Iannuzzi


As a manager in the Arlington, Virginia office, Jeff specializes in providing real property consulting services to clients in a variety of industries, with experience in many different property types, including, but not limited to, office buildings, shopping centers, multifamily properties, and industrial buildings.

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