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Minnesota law and the Minnesota Department of Revenue require all assessors to value taxable real property at 100% of market value. Multifamily apartment, industrial, agriculture, special use, and commercial properties must be revalued and classified every year as of January 2.

It is critical for taxpayers to review classifications and valuations when they receive value notices in March. The Minnesota property tax system uses a classification system to determine a property’s “tax potential,” referred to as tax capacity. The formula uses the property value multiplied by the net tax capacity class rate, which equals net tax capacity. The result is then multiplied by local and state rates, less any credits, to determine the property’s total taxes payable for the following year.

Having the correct valuation and classification may result in a significant reduction in tax liability. The Minnesota tax experts at Ryan can assist with valuation and classification to ensure you do not overpay on property taxes.

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Minnesota Property Tax Deadlines

Below are the Minnesota local tax deadlines. If you are interested in other states’ deadlines, please view our U.S. Property Tax Calendar.


Lien Date

January 2
Real Property Information

Assessment Notice Issue Date

Mid to late March of the assessment year (e.g., property owners are notified of the 2023 valuation in March of 2023).

Appeal Deadline

Local Boards and Open Book vary by jurisdiction and typically take place between April through the end of May. County Boards are held in June (dates and times vary by jurisdiction).

Minnesota Tax Court appeal deadlines are April 30 of the payable year. For example, the last day to file in tax court for the 2022 assessed value is April 30, 2023.

Real Estate Tax Bill Payment Information

Tax Bills Issued

March and April (varies by jurisdiction)

Single Payment Due (Delinquent Date)

May 15

First Installment Due (Delinquent Date)

May 15

Second Installment Due (Delinquent Date)

October 15
Personal Property Information
Personal property is not taxable in Minnesota.
Other Considerations

Businesses located in Minnesota may be eligible for several types of property tax exemptions. The state offers an Enterprise Zone Program, which can provide businesses with up to 90% of the applicable taxes. Additionally, businesses that are creating jobs may qualify for the Minnesota Job Creation Tax Credit Program, which helps offset a portion of their property taxes. Businesses involved in research and development activities may also be eligible for the Minnesota R&D Tax Credit Program, which provides additional tax incentives and abatements.

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Ryan’s Minnesota Property Tax Experts

Ryan’s property tax experts in Minnesota are uniquely positioned to help organizations understand the complexities of multiple tax jurisdictions and their different approaches to valuing and assessing all property types.

Alan Heichman


Alan specializes in providing real property valuation and assessment expertise to ensure fair and equitable property tax assessment treatment for client properties. Alan holds a Certified Member of the Institute (CMI) professional designation with the Institute for Professionals in Taxation. Officing in Chicago, Alan focuses on client and property representation in the Midwest with emphasis in Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Lane Thor


As a former assessor of 12 years for Ramsey County and the city of Brooklyn Park, Lane has built relationships with assessors throughout Minnesota to help clients resolve difficult and complex valuation appeals. In addition, Lane is a licensed Senior Accredited Minnesota Assessor (SAMA) with working knowledge of Minnesota’s property tax system; this allows him to explore all strategies to maximize savings for each of his clients. He holds a master’s degree in real estate from the University of St. Thomas and a master’s degree in public administration from Hamline University. Professional affiliations include the Minnesota Association of Assessing Officers, the CCIM Institute, and the Minnesota Commercial Association of Realtors.

Alec Gooley


Alec specializes in tax appeal negotiations, preacquisition analyses, client service, and managing software databases to deliver exceptional results. Alec has strong relationships with local jurisdictions, resulting in positive results for all property owners. With a real estate degree from the University of St. Thomas and prior hands-on valuation experience, Alec’s unique skillset maximizes savings on every appeal.

Michael Wedl


Mike started his real estate career as an appraiser in both residential and commercial real estate. He then became an assessor, where he managed staff and defended the county against property tax appeals. While working for the county, he earned the Senior Accredited Minnesota Assessor (SAMA) designation, which is the highest designation for assessors in Minnesota. Mike transitioned into property tax consulting where he has remained ever since. He has attended and taught numerous classes in the area of property tax appeal and big box valuation and has been interviewed by multiple organizations for news stories and articles. Mike holds a Master of Public Affairs degree, with an emphasis in leadership and negotiations, from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota.

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