Property Tax Compliance Services

Property Tax Compliance Services

Property taxes represent one of the largest areas of tax exposure and risk for companies. With the complexities of property tax, the resources needed for tax compliance with the multitude of regulations set forth by the taxing jurisdictions can and will impact your bottom line. To reduce your property tax liability, it’s important to understand the issues and any changes in tax law as a result of tax reform that can impact your tax burden, which include:

  • Information Quality: The accuracy, quality, and consistency of property tax data impact everything from compliance to financial reporting and risk management.
  • Volume and Asset Complexity: Whether you file property tax returns in hundreds of jurisdictions or returns with more complex assets, your tax department may be overwhelmed.
  • Local Knowledge and Tax Reduction: Personal property tax is a unique area of taxation.

Even the best-equipped tax departments do not always have personnel with specialized knowledge and experience in every jurisdiction. Ryan can ease these challenges and increase efficiencies through comprehensive property tax compliance and consulting services—a cost-saving investment to ensure your risks for late fees and penalties are mitigated, and those dollars stay on your company’s bottom line.

Property Tax Consulting
From pre-tax year planning to complicated tax minimization strategies, our Property Tax Compliance consultants are available to work in conjunction with a client’s existing tax department.

Seamless Transitions
Ryan’s dedicated implementation teams have experience with every commercially available system on the market.

Industry Expertise
With more cumulative personal property experience than any other firm in the industry, our property tax compliance consultants offer extensive knowledge and expertise that our clients utilize to their maximum benefit.

Transparent Processes
By providing workflow solutions that give you direct access to our work product, clients can expect increased confidence in the process and ensure thorough knowledge transfer between your team and ours.

Scalable Solutions
Offering the resources required to quickly expand and deploy teams as needed, we are able to scale our operations to meet your needs.

Centers of Excellence
Ryan’s three Centers of Excellence located in Houston, Nashville, and Scottsdale allow our professionals to efficiently leverage our North American footprint, drawing on property tax resources located throughout 39 cities, when and where needed, to best serve our clients.

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Automobile Leasing
The Property Tax Compliance experts at Ryan are equipped to help you navigate the increasingly complex issues surrounding the personal property liabilities faced in the automobile leasing industry.

We provide property tax compliance services for property types such as bank branches, financial services, bank headquarters, real estate owned (REO), and troubled assets.

Equipment Rental and Leasing
As the equipment rental and leasing industry has grown, property tax compliance has become increasingly complex, and tax structures are more diverse. Our experts can help navigate the property tax compliance challenges faced in this industry.

Food Service
Changing market demand, regulation, and global compensation are greatly impacting the value of properties in the food service industry. At Ryan, we understand and apply current industry metrics and trends to manage the burden of property tax compliance.

Healthcare property tax compliance can typically involve extremely complex processes handled by numerous systems and internal departments. Our Property Tax Compliance professionals provide innovative solutions and recommendations to mitigate your property tax burden.

Serving dozens of manufacturing companies in a wide variety of segments, sizes, and property types, our experience includes consumer and industrial products, high-tech, materials, and automotive. Our Property Tax team provides a comprehensive program specifically directed toward assessing the unique property tax compliance challenges of the manufacturing industry.

Real Estate
Our Property Tax Compliance experts work with real estate owners, asset managers, developers, property managers, real estate investment trusts (REITs), and various real and personal property types spanning the industry.

With a deep understanding of the unique property tax compliance challenges and market dynamics of the retail industry, our custom compliance solutions can ease these challenges and increase efficiencies.

By providing a custom-designed, comprehensive program, our corporate tax professionals will help minimize property tax liabilities and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of property tax compliance for clients operating in the telecommunications industry.

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Industry Specialization

  • Automobile Leasing
  • Banking
  • Equipment Rental and Leasing
  • Food Service
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications

Unmatched Results

We have identified hundreds of millions of dollars in savings for many of the most respected companies in North America.

Ryan has generated more than


in tax savings for a large retail company