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The New Jersey commercial real estate market continues to shift and adjust to industry changes as the economy recovers. With the consumer and tenant shift in industries, such as retail and office, and the boom in industrial and multifamily developments, it is imperative that New Jersey property owners accurately manage portfolios.

New Jersey’s high tax rates can be extremely punitive for property owners who do not review and manage their assessments annually. The New Jersey assessment system adds complexity to the annual review process with value ranges 15% above and 15% below the average ratio equalized market value known as “the corridor.” If the equalized market value falls within this corridor, assessments are deemed reasonable. As a result, filing appeals on marginal cases can potentially result in unnecessary New Jersey Tax Court filing fees and legal costs and increase the risk of assessment hike.

Ryan’s New Jersey experts are available to assist property owners with annual reviews and provide an understanding between assessed values, “corridor” equalization ratios, and the resulting fair market values. They are well versed statewide in pre-acquisition due diligence tax estimates for existing properties and new construction projects and can provide assistance to owners navigating pilot and other abatement programs. Ryan clients rely on the local team to help them understand the full scope of annual assessment reviews and ensure their properties are assessed fairly to remain competitive in the market.

Number of New Jersey Sites Represented:
New Jersey Client Property Tax Savings Realized in Last Two Years:
$11+ Million
New Jersey Fair Market Value Represented:
$24+ Billion
New Jersey Market Experience:
More Than 30 Years
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New Jersey Property Tax Deadlines

Below are the local New Jersey property tax deadlines. If you are interested in property tax deadlines for other states, please view our U.S. Property Tax Calendar.

New Jersey

Lien Date

October 1
Real Property Information

Assessment Notice Issue Date

January 30

Appeal Deadline

April 1; 30 days from NOV; May 1 for communities in re-evaluation
Real Estate Tax Bill Payment Information

Tax Bills Issued

July 1

Single Payment Due (Delinquent Date)

Date Not Applicable

First Installment Due (Delinquent Date)

February 1

Second Installment Due (Delinquent Date)

May 1
Personal Property Information
Personal Property is not taxable in New Jersey.
Other Considerations

Businesses located in New Jersey may be eligible for several types of property tax exemptions. The state offers an Enterprise Zone Program, which can provide businesses with up to 90% of the applicable taxes. Additionally, businesses that are creating jobs may qualify for the New Jersey Job Creation Tax Credit Program, which helps offset a portion of their property taxes. Businesses involved in the manufacturing industry may also be eligible for the New Jersey Manufacturing Employment Program, which provides additional tax incentives and abatements.

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Andrew Sinclair
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Ryan’s New Jersey Property Tax Experts

Ryan’s property tax experts in New Jersey are uniquely positioned to help organizations understand the complexities of multiple tax jurisdictions and their different approaches to valuing and assessing all property types. Our New Jersey property tax team represents the largest property owners in New Jersey across every industry, with decades of experience.

Kurt Lieberman


As a principal and tax expert in Ryan’s Philadelphia office, Kurt’s market-centric focus includes actively managing more than 30 local market accounts and more than 780 properties. Throughout Kurt’s career, he has consistently generated quarterly and annual savings for clients in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania portions of the Northeast region, while assisting with Maryland, New York, and Virginia client accounts and property reviews. Kurt currently oversees the Philadelphia office for all property tax needs in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Andrew Sinclair


Andrew specializes in providing real property analysis, valuations, and appeal recommendations for income-producing properties, including office, multifamily, hospitality, industrial, and flex-use properties in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He provides analysis and budgeting implications for owned assets, potential acquisitions and dispositions, and future developments.

Dylan Pratt

Senior Consultant

As a senior consultant specializing in commercial property tax, Dylan ensures that real estate assessments are fair and equitable for clients, forecasts future taxes for budgeting purposes, and advises on tax implications of new acquisitions, new constructions, or demolitions. In his role, he is responsible for overseeing the tax appeal process from start to finish for Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. This includes conducting market research of similar assets and land sales, performing valuation analyses using cash flows and a fee-simple basis, recommending and filing appeals, and working through the settlement process. Dylan’s experience covers all property types from office and medical office buildings, retail, hospitality, multifamily, industrial buildings, and more.

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